Sharra’s Shapes™


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Sharra’s Shapes™ Moth
Sharra’s Shapes™ Bee

These custom designed surfaces, made from high quality baltic birch, have recessed areas, ready to fill with your choice of material.

Some of the benefits of working within framed sections:

1. Entering a project with mapped sections, there is a greater sense of “mosaic ease”.

2. The edges support and guide the material into the space.

3. Get right to playing with color, pattern and texture.

Wood Finishing:

I personally enjoy the natural organic wood grain but it could be also be stained or painted. Any sealing, painting or staining should be done before the mosaic.

Preparing for mosaic:

Sand any edges that need smoothing with fine grit sandpaper. Seal with 1 part Weldbond/ 4 parts water mixture.


I used Apoxie Sculpt and Clay as my adhesive, products from Aves Studio. One could also use a liquid glue, like Weldbond or even thinset mortar.


A hanger is provided and can be installed before or after the artwork is completed.

The substrates are made of high quality Baltic birch and are for indoors.

They could also be used for resin work. I can only imagine the endless possibilities!

I can see these in the hands of beginners or professional artists, filling inventory for shows and sales (fast to make and so polished!), workshop and class projects for all ages and a one of a kind gift to any maker.

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More shape designs are coming soon! Follow for updates and featured work here!